Tue. Nov 30th, 2021
From The Gateway Pundit

The case against Ripple moves forward as cryptocurrency owners join XRP and Ripple in what’s now determined to be an abusive SEC.

We reported on the Ripple case with the SEC previously.

The SEC vs. Ripple Case Is Now Making Waves and Getting the Attention It Deserves

We at TGP uncovered in an exclusive, a video showing former SEC Chairman Clayton having Hillary-related attorneys draft a document giving Bitcoin and Ethereum a unique advantage in the crypto space.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Former SEC Chairman Clayton Directed Perkins Coie to Draft Memo Giving Ethereum and Bitcoin Unique Advantage in Crypto Space – Then His SEC Sued Their Top Competitor on Day Chairman Clayton Left SEC

Now we see that many more people are joining XRP/Ripple in its case with the abusive SEC.

We’ve also located a video that explains the situation with XRP as of today.

The SEC is supposed to protect investors not screw them in dictates with their competitors. 

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