Mon. Oct 25th, 2021
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Fire At IRGC Research Facility In Tehran Injures 3 Revolutionary Guardsmen

A mysterious blaze broke out at one of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) research centers in the capital of Tehran on Sunday evening (local time), multiple international reports have said. 

Three IRGC members have been wounded in the fire, the cause of which is as yet unknown. Details as to its extend are also unknown – only that it was soon reported contained at that the injured were transported to a nearby hospital. 

Tehran file, source DreamsTime/National Geographic

Iran state TV quoted a statement from IRGC officials as confirming, “On Sunday evening a fire broke out in one of the IRGC … research centers in the west of Tehran. Three people were injured and the fire has been contained.”

The facility is located in western Tehran, and given the high security nature of IRGC locations, it’s unlikely that many details will be divulged. This naturally tends to lead to immediate speculation by observers about the possibility of an Israeli sabotage operation

Just days ago, it was revealed that top Israeli officials and the White House have resumed a ‘Plan B’ working group and intelligence sharing initiative focused on the Islamic Republic. The group is said to be planning ‘alternative’ actions against Iran should the currently stalled nuclear talks in Vienna fail.

This tends to be widely interpreted – at least from the Israeli side and in Israeli media – to mean clandestine operations involving sabotage and likely cyberattacks on Iranian nuclear facilities. Concerning the Sunday fire in Tehran, one Washington-based think tank analyst said, “Oh the timing here is very interesting.”

In August Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz had hinted at possible ramped-up sabotage operations, which weren’t initially confirmed by the US side. Sounding threatening and ominous in statements which was a thinly veiled threat at military action, Gantz said at the time:

“The United States and Israel share intelligence information, and the cooperation with the United States in this field is only getting stronger. We are working with them in order to establish a Plan B and to demonstrate that if there is no deal, other activities will begin…”

When Prime Minister Naftali Bennett was hosted for the first time at the White House in late August, both sides confirmed they would resume the secretive sessions, focused on intelligence planning and ‘alternate’ scenarios to jointly pursue of nuclear talks fail.

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