Thu. Oct 21st, 2021
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Ben Cotton spoke after Doug Logan from Cyber Ninjas today at the audit results meeting in Phoenix.  Here are points from his issues and observations presentation.

Cotton first started with devices and data that has been withheld by Maricopa County long after subpoenas have been issues requesting these items.

Next Cotton noted the following issues.  They may not seem like much, but to an IT auditor or cyber security expert, these issues are monumental.  For example, the fact that the county failed to preserve security logs, is shocking.  It appears these items were intentionally not provided or the county has the worst processes in the country.

Next Cotton provided a list of Hardware issues.  Neither of the Maricopa County audits identified these issues.

In addition, the county had a number of deleted items.  There is no information on whether the county backed up these files.  There were 85,000 files that were deleted during the time of the audit.

Then Cotton noted that files were not turned over that are required to be preserved under the law.  Those who deleted the files were identified at their computers deleting the files.  They got them!

Then Cotton noted results were purged from the system during the election.

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