Sat. Oct 16th, 2021
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Former US Rep. from Minnesota and Dean at Regent University, Michele Bachmann, expressed her deep concerns with Biden’s destruction of America this morning on 93.3 Real Talk in St. Louis.  She was more courageous in her thoughts and comments than most anyone in America.

Michele Bachmann expressed her deep concerns with what has occurred to this great nation over the past 9 months since Biden took over the government.  She joined Joe Hoft, Kell Brazil, and Jessica Laurent at Real Talk 93.3 this morning.  Here are some of her comments taken from the audio below:

It really is grief and loss that everyone else shares.  It’s unfathomable to think that one administration could lose the United States and detonate negativity across the world in the way that they have and I would contend that Joe Biden and the Biden Administration has brought about the loss.  I don’t say this loosely and I don’t say this in a political way. I think the Biden Administration has managed to lose the United States’ super power status on the global stage.

…They are destroying us domestically in our economy very quickly.

…The United States is broke, flat broke and now they want to burden us with another $10 trillion in debt.

…We’ve never seen anything like this before.  No Administration has ever been perfect, but this Administration appears to be subversive in a way that is bringing down and destroying the United States of America.

…This Administration appears to embrace a culture of death.  That’s what I have seen.  Every action they’ve taken embraces a culture of death.  It doesn’t embrace a culture of life which is just the opposite of what America is.

…We know from their obvious marks, whoever it is that is making the decisions, they have one goal in mind.  That is to collapse the United States of America. So what we saw in Afghanistan wasn’t the collapse of Afghanistan it was the collapse of America and I think that’s what their goal is, whoever these people are who are pulling the strings.  They don’t care about politics.

They don’t care about how they look.  They don’t care about how the Biden Administration looks, they want to collapse the United States as quickly as they can and then look at the lose of freedoms for the American people and look at the surveilance state they are imposing on America and then ask the question – who is benefitting from all of this?  And if you take three steps back and three big gulps of air I think it doesn’t take much of a stretch of an imagination and say China is probably the biggest benefactor of the steps that are take and say one thing we know from steps leading up to the last election, the whole Biden family …was completely compromised by the Chinese.

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