Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

We are going to talk about obligations. What could it look like if each obligation is approached independently from the perspective of what is best for you in this now moment as opposed to just sticking to your commitments without giving it a second thought?

What happens to obligations when you are living from your heart?

See, when we begin to really check in with our hearts, with what feels in alignment for our highest, (which one affects the whole, so our highest is also the highest for the collective) we will want to examine this area of our lives. Because when we are not in touch with what we really want, we tend to just do what we normally do. Do what we have always done. And nothing changes. Can we discover true joy when we are acting out of duty?  What if the joy of serving others only comes through serving our hearts first?

This takes practice. And is there ever an array of occasions to practice whether or not what is presented to us is something we want to experience.

Let’s dig in…..



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