Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Thursday July 15.


Likely abbreviated due to migraine with halo.

My father would have been 71 today.  He wasn’t just my dad, he was one of my favorite people on this earth.

This is one of the many episodes I will discuss the person I credit with teaching many lessons about kindness, love, standing up for others, and to find peace in an otherwise difficult life.  Early in life, he taught me how to use telepathy and how to project images.  

He chose to live a life working in construction despite years of college and a degree in computer programming in 1977. He was unable to sit still. He loved life and loved people. Vibrant, fun, and a massive Beatles and Pink Floyd fan.  Life was always about music.

He spent the last 20 or so years of his life in chronic pain and with an invisible debilitating illness. He developed a chronic fatigue no doctor would try to figure out.  He was labelled psychosomatic and given “standard medical treatment” despite a family history of adverse reactions to them.  He overcame a dependency on fentanyl to run five miles at a time at age 60 and live unmedicated, only to spiral downward after his first hepatitis b shot months later – as a requirement for a new job along with the TDaP, Hep A, etc…  As he continued to have unnecessary, yet standard “care”, his health deteriorated until he had his shingles shot, then a few weeks later, a pneumonia shot – and then a sudden death.

His story is one of perserverence, dedication, patience, and love.

We’ll discuss the predatory procedures for ages 65+, signs of heart issues in both women and men, various genetic issues and how they should be navigated.  The guests are not certain for today, some are difficult to locate and others have had last minute cancellations. 

7-15-1950 – 12-16-2015.



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