Wed. Aug 4th, 2021
From The Gateway Pundit

In a stunning move, serial liar Jen Psaki and the fake news started pushing the false narrative last month that it was Republicans and not Democrats who want to “defund the police” in America today.

This is despite the fact that a majority of Democrats either ran on or vocally supported the “defund the police” movement for the past year-and-a-half.

On Thursday Rep. James Clyburn told MSNBC hack Mehdi Hasan that the Democrat’s “defund the police” movement is “a chokehold” on the Democrat-Socialist party.

Clyburn is against the narrative — not because he does not believe in it — but because he sees it as a detriment to their goal of all-consuming power in the country.

James Clyburn told Hasan: “I’m out here with the voters every day. I did a town hall meeting last night in Jasper County, South Carolina, and I can tell you, defund the police is a non-starter even with Black people, and if you don’t think that’s true, then look at the results of what just happened in New York City’s election. So the proof is in the pudding. I know what I’m talking about, I’ve talked to I talk to people every day, and defund the police is a chokehold around the Democratic Party.”

The Democrat Party’s constant attack on the police has created a historic crime wave across the country in the last year.

HISTORY MADE: The Democrat-BLM War on Police and War on Civil Society Resulted in 25% More US Homicides in 2020 — HERE ARE THE RESULTS

Here are the homicide numbers from the major urban centers across the US in 2020.

The red ink denotes an increase in homicides and crime.

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