Wed. Jul 28th, 2021
From The Gateway Pundit

When will the Republicans wake up and see that the Democrat Party is not working for the US’s best interest?  They work for POWER and will do anything to get it and keep it.

We saw in nearly every big state lawsuit after the election that Obama judges were being assigned to the cases.  They had multiple documents ready before they even heard the cases which ruled against President Trump and the American people every time.

In February 2017 we reported on Obama and Carter judges making insane rulings against President Trump.

Two Judges That Blocked Trump Were Appointed By BARACK OBAMA And JIMMY CARTER

We saw Obama judges obstructing justice with unconstitutional and bizarre ruling to halt policies President Trump wanted in place to protect America.

Obama Judges Obstructing Justice: Nearly 40 Injunctions Against Trump After ONLY TWO Against Obama

As recent as May an Obama judge attempted to stop the pardon of Steve Bannon.

Obama Judge Uses 200-year-old Ruling to Claim Bannon Was Guilty by Accepting President Trump’s Pardon – Then Dismisses Case

Now, in some of the most important cases in US history to decide the freedom of speech, we get more Obama judges.

In President Trump’s case against Twitter, assigned is Obama Judge Robert Nichols Scola Jr. (read his confirmation hearing here)

In President Trump’s case against Facebook, another Obama Judge – Kathleen M. Williams.

In President Trump’s case against YouTube, a George H. Bush judge – Kevin Michael Moore.


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