Tue. Jun 22nd, 2021
From The Gateway Pundit

Biden’s pompous “Climate Envoy” John Kerry on Wednesday appeared before the Foreign Affairs Committee to testify on the global response to climate change.

John Kerry admitted during the hearing that solar panels are being made by Uyghur slaves in China.

At one point during the hearing, John Kerry wanted everyone to know that he’s a commoner just like the rest of us and had to catch a commercial flight.

Kerry has been under fire for flying in private jets while lecturing the world on making sacrifices to reduce carbon emissions.

“I thought we originally, I think the hearing was set from ten to noon. And I can push to 12:30, but I am flying commercial and have a flight that I have to make,” Kerry said.

Kerry is so out of touch with reality that he had to actually say he was flying “commercial.”

Does John Kerry know that his hired help can rebook his “commercial” flight to a later time?


Here’s a recent photo of maskless Kerry flying “commercial” in first class on American Airlines.

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