Sat. Jan 29th, 2022

Richard Dien Winfield is a Professor of philosophy at the university of Georgia and a strong advocator for a federal jobs guarantee. Which is actually specifically what Eric Bell would like to talk with him about. I am interested to learn more about this  as well as  could be useful if implemented properly. I do some some questions about the way this will actually be accomplished. Specifically the ethics of such ideas.. Also and I know this is unrelated but he did run for congress so these ideas matter in politics; what does he mean by full reproductive freedom? Say whatever you like but you shouldn’t undermine peoples attachment and desire to preserve potential. How far do you push ideas like abortion? it’s waay more important to people than some may like but that’s kind of part of what makes humans humane. I rather like how he seems focused on preventing these abortions rather than just pushing for them. So I do plan to discuss this. It is so important to so many humans; as it should be. 


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