Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Tonight’s Topic: Join me, Lori Jean, the Nurse Advocate, along with Nicole Sirotek, the Original NY Whistleblower Nurse, to discuss her LOSING HER JOB and Medical Discrimination issues. 


“I prefer Dangerous Freedom over Peaceful Slavery.” – Thomas Jefferson 

Freedom has NEVER been free, it’s always been DANGEROUS. Land of the FREE, because of the BRAVE, right? Well welcome to the NEW military. We’re called to protect this Great Nation against all enemies, foreign or DOMESTIC. If WE THE PEOPLE don’t fight for our freedom now, we will be the last generation to know America as a free country. We need to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK and defend our Constitutional Liberties in order to leave a LEGACY OF FREEDOM to FUTURE generations. 

Join us as we discuss the HOTTEST topics related to FREEDOM and how to fight back against a tyrannical government, because WHEN TYRANNY BECOMES LAW… REBELLION BECOMES DUTY. 


~ Lori Jean


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