Sun. Apr 11th, 2021
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Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler at Antifa protest and riot.

In 2018 Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler defended his decision to have police stand down as Antifa terrorists wreaked havoc in the city.

Wheeler even supported the black bloc rioters after they nearly burned a community center to the ground.

After Community Center Nearly Burned to the Ground – Portland Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler Says He Continues to Support Demonstrations

Wheeler even sent President Trump a nasty letter refusing assistance with the nightly ongoing rioting in 2020.

“We Don’t Want Your Help” – Idiot Portland Mayor Wheeler Sends President Trump Nasty Letter Refusing Assistance as All Hell Breaks Loose in His City

But after months of rioting and violence Mayor Wheeler finally condemnced the Antifa violence this week and admitted the city is getting tired of it.

Just The News reported:

Portland, Oregon, Mayor Ted Wheeler says city residents and business owners are “sick and tired” of the destruction and violence associated with essentially nine straight months of social justice demonstrations.

“The community is sick and tired of people engaging in criminal destruction and violence and doing it under the guise of some noble cause,” Wheeler, a Democrat, said during a news conference Monday, according to the Associated Press.

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