Fri. Mar 5th, 2021
From The Gateway Pundit

Wikipedia and Google have the ability to destroy and sully a person’s reputation.  Mike Lindell is the latest conservative under attack now.

Mike Lindell is the founder and CEO of My Pillow, a warrior and patriot for the truth, a warrior for Christianity and sobriety, and a warrior for President Trump.  Lindell is therefore under attack.  Ever since he supported President Trump he has been slandered and censored by Big Media and Big Tech.

This morning Lindell was on the War Room with Steve Bannon. Lindell shared how Google has been preventing him from sharing to the world his work labeled “Absolute Proof”.  He discussed the actions Google was taking and then he discussed Wikipedia.  Lindell shared at the 1:45 mark below:

Wikipedia took over my Wikipedia and now they can put anything they want out there to ruin my identity.  What they are now, you’re right Steve they’re attacking the Lindell Recovery Network which was helping millions of addicts.

From my past of being an ex-addict, ex-crackhead amongst other things, and now they’re over here on Wikipedia and they can put up anything they want, …any story they want, anything they want.  Because they can control it now and they can keep me from surpressing the truth and they can suppress it by not letting me buy my own name…

They’re their own boss.  They’re a monster.  They do what they want.”

People at Wikipedia have allowed individuals to slander the Gateway Pundit for years.

Every time a lie is taken down, a new one is posted up.

Most conservatives or staunch Trump supporters find their good name ruined by Wikipedia smear merchants.

Facebook and Google Continue to Collude with Wikipedia to Smear and Malign Gateway Pundit and Prominent US Conservatives

Of course, the Gateway Pundit was one of the first, then recently Wikipedia took on FOX News as well:

Corrupt Wikipedia No Longer Deems FOX News as “Generally Reliable” — Joins Gateway Pundit and Epoch Times as Censored Websites

Any entity or person that leans conservative and pushes the truth is challenged by all of Big Tech. 

And, to date, there is no recourse by the one they are smearing.

This should not be happening in America.

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