Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

 Weeks after the capitol riots and Canada has designated the Proud Boys as a terrorist orginization. What could possibly have come from this besides negative press and harsh generalizations? Is there any proof it was instigated by them? Or is this another example of tthe Boys being unfairly being blamed for circumstantial events again? Though I don’t buy they had zero to do with it at all. Like as a whole… Some of them were there after all. I dont think saying they planned the riot or started the violence is reallly correct either. 

 It’s a complicated time we are in. it is hard to know what to believe these days. So much gets twisted; you cant be surprised when people start to doubt every news story they hear after a while; who do you trust these days?

Today I plan to speak with a member of the infamous group. Granted I have not accepted them as a evil group of terrorist I do call out things I see as wrong.. Anyone defending these actions are in the wrong to me. Though there are things to take into consideration; like those who were just there are not as bad as those causing violence. Those who just protested are not the same as rioters and so on… 

 But where has it taken us so far?  Backwards. 


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