Tue. Nov 30th, 2021

Our mission is to engage in open discourse that promotes healthy bodies and minds. We advocate for freedom of health choices, educational choices, and other personal and political freedoms that are eroding in our culture. We promote voluntary interactions with one another and want to invite you to connect with us.

Topic this week: We are continuing our conversation about destressing and detoxing. We are going to change from our original topic today in that we were going to talk about foods and detoxing the body….Well, life happened and we want to share some personal stories that hit close to home and are affecting us right here and right now. We will talk about our struggle to destress during the heat of the moment and how this affects our bodies and minds.  

We welcome callers LIVE ON AIR! (319) 572-6208 press 1

Join us Monday’s 5:30pm MST/ 4:30pm PST

Mental Acumen Website: https://mentalacumenradio.com/

Health Coaching website and blog: http://coachchristie.com/ 

Keep Colorado Free and Open: https://keepcofree.wixsite.com/freedom

SAVA: https://savacenter.org/ 

SAVA 24/7 Crisis Hotline: 970-472-4200


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